Birth Your Truest Story
November 8 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Jennifer & Audrey
Class length
2 hours

A nine-month online writing workshop, limited to 12 participants 

Writing a book has been compared to giving birth. With both writing and birthing, you are bringing something new and beautiful into the world, and to do this well requires a tremendous amount of creative energy, along with self-awareness about the fears that might hold you back, and the need for helpers and allies in the quest for success. 

This nine-month workshop explores the resonances between birthing and writing. We’ll introduce the tools you need to “birth” your next creative work and to sustain yourself beyond the workshop for future projects. We will explore how you can develop a powerful internal ally to walk with you on your writing journey. You’ll discover the tender truths seeking to come through you, and consider whether memoir or fiction is a more suitable genre for your story. We’ll look at how community can be a source of nourishment for even the most solitary writer, and how we can support each other and ourselves in finding the courage to step into the unknown.

The intent of this workshop, offered by memoirist and writing teacher Jennifer Browdy and writer and birth doula Audrey Kalman, is to serve as a non-judgmental space where you will feel safe to discover your most tender voice, so that your truest stories can take root and blossom. 

In this small and supportive group environment, you will:

  • Discover how to apply concepts from the birthing world—such as surrender, facing fears, and working with a doula (coach)—to your writing practice
  • Learn how to move beyond the fears that impede your writing journey
  • Produce new work during generative writing sessions
  • Receive monthly feedback during class from the group and from two seasoned writing teachers
  • Find community in a small, supportive group of fellow writers
  • Find accountability to the group—and to yourself
When you finish the workshop, you will come away with:

  • Deeper knowledge of yourself and your writing process 
  • A reliable toolkit for tackling fear and uncertainty
  • Several thousand words of draft material
  • Confidence in your ability to serve as your own writing ally
  • A writing community to cheer you on

All sessions meet on Sundays from 1 - 4 pm EST, live online via Zoom. 


September 13
Conception - What is the story asking to be born? What’s your story’s form: fiction, nonfiction? Length? Genre?

October 11
Focus on characters, including narrator, point of view, voice; relationship of plot and characters.

November 8
Nourishing the work - Gathering allies, developing support systems; exploring tools for generative writing, setting up your writing practice, using freewriting as a way in.

SECOND TRIMESTER - Developing the Story
Bring in 1,000 to 1,200 (4-5 pages) words to workshop during each session.

December 6
Focus on character

January 17
Focus on narrative arc

February 21
Focus on writing style

THIRD TRIMESTER - Laboring and Delivering

March 21
Audience and purpose - Envisioning a connection to your audience, leaning in to the urgency of your message, surrendering to the process of creation.

April 18
Revision - Living with discomfort, trusting your most tender voice, integrating feedback.

May 23
Keeping the momentum going - Next steps for your draft.

Cost & registration
This workshop is limited to 12 participants, and we ask that you commit to the entire series. The cost is $1,800 if you pay in full, or $210 per session if you prefer to pay monthly. 

Included are the monthly 3-hour workshop sessions, along with a weekly "office hour" led by either Audrey or Jennifer, where you can drop in for guidance, conversation and camaraderie as you go through the process of birthing your truest story.

We are looking forward to meeting you and convening our first circle on September 13! 

Questions? Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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